Osage River

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WARDSVILLE - Missouri officials are keeping residents safer this summer by mile marking the Osage River from it's mouth hopefully up to the Bagnell Dam.

Last weekend, the Cole County Fire Protection District marked 18 miles of the river with signs.

The Linn County Fire Protection District actually started the project. They marked 30 miles of the Osage, from where it starts at the Missouri River all the way to the Cole County Line. After that, Cole County continued the project. 48 miles of the river now have mile marker signs.

Cole County Fire Public Information Officer Steve Cearlock said mile marking the Osage will make it easier for emergency personnel to locate people.

"If a person is having some emergency or get lost or there’s a medical emergency or something like that, they can call in and say 'well I’m near mile marker 3,'" Cearlock said. "That gives the first responders a better location to go to other than “I’m just here or there” and you don’t really know where they’re at."

The mile markers are white, reflective signs with black lettering placed every mile. They are on the left side of the Osage if the boater is coming up from the Missouri River.

Cearlock said Cole County has been working on continuing the project so the whole river is marked.

"We’ve been in communications with other fire districts, Lake Ozark Fire District in particular, to complete the project all the way up to Bagnell Dam," Cearlock said.

During the summer months, hundreds of Missouri residents enjoy the Osage River. The mile markers will help make emergency response time much faster for when people on the river need help.