Outages after Storm

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COLUMBIA - Thousands of Columbia residents are still without power Tuesday after the storm Monday night.

Columbia Power and Light officials have called in help from neighboring towns including Macon, Fulton, and even Independence near Kansas City, to help get the power restored.

Connie Kacprowicz with Columbia Water and Light, said, "We hope to have most people restored this evening but there will be some people that won't have power through Wednesday."

Kacprowicz said there are many neighborhoods still in the dark even though there wasn't much storm damage to the area.  That's because the main transmission lines, which power distribution lines connected to homes, are down

Many residents off of Fairview Road and Broadway had telephone poles sitting on their homes.

Blake McClallen is still without power but said he is always prepared for this kind of thing. 

"I bought an ice chest and I hve some of my stuff cooling down.  I just went grocery shopping yesterday which is unfortunate."

Officials with Columbia Water and Light said this storm brought the worst damage in 35 years.