Outside Workers Cope with Cold Temperatures

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COLUMBIA - Temperatures plummeted Monday, falling more than 40 degrees in just 24 hours. The National Weather Service issued several wind chill advisories in Mid-Missouri Monday morning, and officials urged people to stay indoors. However, some people needed to brave the cold for their job. Letter carrier Creston Dennis has delivered mail for 15 years, and no matter the weather, has to work outdoors. 

"Mail's got to get delivered, people got to have their mail...some mail might not be important to some people but its important to us to get it delivered," Dennis said.  

Dennis said the key to keeping warm in chilly weather is bundling up. 

"Basically you have to have everything covered...thick socks, gloves, hand warmers, things like that," Dennis said.  

Dr. Jason Zerrer at Providence Urgent Care said it's important to take steps to avoid frostbite. 

"Dress in layers, cover up exposed skin, cover the mouth and nose to protect the lungs from cold air, and especially wear a hat," Zerrer said 

Zerrer said everybody is different, but a chart on the NOAA website breaks down the risk of frostbite for varying temperatures and wind speeds.