Outside workers prepare as arctic air pours into mid-Missouri

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COLUMBIA - As cold weather strikes Columbia, many companies and agencies are considering the safety of their outdoor workers.

“It would be much better if it was 60 degrees”  said Little Dixie Construction project manager Kenzie Thorp.

His team is currently constructing a building on Cinnamon Hill Lane. They take precautions in cold weather by installing “temporary weather conditions” such as electric heaters and plastic to block the wind.

“It takes a lot of work on top of the actual work it takes to build a building,” Thorpe said.

He said working in freezing weather conditions typically makes workers slower and more prone to injury.

The City of Columbia Solid Waste Facility is also making efforts to protect the health and safety of its collection staff due to the “life-threatening temperatures and wind chills,” according to a press release.

They are set to cancel curbside recycling and trash collection Wednesday. This will result in collections being delayed for 1 day throughout the week.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration strives to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women. It has additional tips on how workers should prepare for cold weather.