Overcrowding Causes Holts Summit City Hall to Move

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HOLTS SUMMIT - Holts Summit's city government began moving all of its furniture and equipment over to its new location Thursday.

All of the city's departments, including the police department, currently work out of the same building. Officials say due to expanding needs, the city simply outgrew the building. Starting Monday, the Holts Summit City Hall will be located in a new building adjacent to the original building. The police department will take both floors of the current building instead of just the bottom floor.

"It's advantageous for the police department, financially to stay in the police department because we have a holding cell in the basement of the building," Sgt. Marc Haycook said. "When the building next door became available, it was a great opportunity for the city hall staff to move over to this building."

Haycook said with the move the police department was able to transfer all the servers for communications down into the storm shelter attached to the police department. If a tornado were to hit the building, the police department would be able to maintain full communication with the outside world.

Haycook said the move benefits the public because now both city administration and the police department can serve them better.

"We turned the three bulidings into a campus environment. They're all connected with fiber optics. It's basically one big giant network," Haycook said. "If someone comes to the city hall building here, we can take care of them through the police department, and if somebody shows up at the police department with something for city hall, we can take care of them there."

Holts Summit's city offices are closed for Independence Day weekend and will reopen Monday morning at 8 a.m.