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BOONE COUNTY - Visitors and local residents will be able to use the new Columbia Regional Airport overpass at the intersection of Highway 63 and Route H this Friday.

This comes more than two weeks past the Nov. 1 completion date.

MoDOT officials believe the overpass will help drivers navigate more easily and safely to get to the Columbia Regional Airport.

"To eliminate the stop signs, these roundabouts, so people don't have to come to a complete stop," said construction worker Chuck Street. "They can yield versus having to stop completely at the intersections. It's supposed to speed up traffic." 

The construction is in its final stages Tuesday.

"The landscaping; they have to get all of the seed and straw down; the rest of the remaining signs up and the rode striped, and the guard rail up," Street said.

There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony this Friday to celebrate the completion of the construction. Then, the overpass will be ready to accommodate holiday travels.