Owners of a Fulton restaurant are seeing changes in customers' habits

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FULTON - The co-owners of the Fulton Cafe said fewer customers are coming in.

"We've noticed the restaurant has slowed down, but the to-go orders have tripled," she said. "So, maybe for now, we're okay."

Westminster College extended its Spring Break for an extra week. Students are asked not to come back to campus until Saturday, March 28.

William Woods University announced Thursday all classes will be online for the remainder of the semester.

"Two weeks with no business is really hard. We have to keep going and we need that money to keep going," said Jimmy Trotter, the other co-owner.

Part of staying open involves keeping everything clean.

"We wash our hands, we clean constantly," Atkinson said.

If the two colleges, Westminster and William Woods, were to close, Trotter said he knows business will get tough, because the employees at the schools eat at his cafe frequently.

"We depend on them. and we depend on the people downtown to come everyday," Trotter said. "It would definitely affect our business if Williams Woods and Westminster closed down."

Even though they've seen some of these changes start to affect the cafe, Trotter said he knows the business always comes first.

"You never know when it's going to be good or bad, you just have to have the doors open," he said.