P.E.T. Project Helps Guatemalans Gain Mobility

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GUATEMALA - P.E.T. provides hand-cranked carts to Guatemalans with disabilities to help them earn a living. These carts can effectively navigate places where there are no roads.

Before, 31-year-old Antonia Lopez crawled to the streets to beg to support her children. Now, with a PET, Lopez can make money for her family without having to beg.

How you can help the PET project and the culture that crawls.

Sponsor a $25 ice chest or a $250 PET by mailing your donation to:
PET Project
1908 Heriford Road
Columbia, Mo  65202
(573) 886-7877

Donate sewing machines or sewing supplies and shoe shine kit supplies by taking them to 1908 Heriford Rd. as well.

You can also follow the entire "The Culture that Crawls" series on Twitter by following @theycrawl. Also make sure to "like" The Culture that Crawls on Facebook.

The P.E.T. Project is in need of people to do grant writing and computer work.

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