PACE Performance Draws Crowd to Stephens Lake Park

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COLUMBIA - As the sun set over Stephens Lake Park Sunday evening, a few dozen people spent Father's Day watching an outdoor performance at the amphitheater behind the lake.

The "PACE" performance, co-sponsored by the Office of Cultural Affairs, the Parks and Recreation Department, the Missouri Arts Council and the Performing Arts in Children's Education, began around 7:30 p.m. at the park and featured singers and other performers. 

A few high school students sang in the performance as a tribute to their fathers. Before they sang, an MC read a few heartfelt words in honor of Father's Day.

One singer's statement was especially warm: "When I was little, he would tease me about boyfriends and I would tell him, why do I need a boyfriend when I have him? I can talk to him about anything, and he always listens without judging me. There is no better daddy in the whole world than mine."