Parent Presents Bilingual School Proposal

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COLUMBIA- Parent Rebecca Schwerdtfeger approached the Columbia Public School Board at its meeting Monday night about implementing plans for a bilingual elementary school.

Schwerdtfeger is a former Spanish teacher and world language coordinator. Her daughter Katelynn Schwerdtfeger attended Dual Immersion Academy in Grand Junction, Colorado, where she was taught subjects in both English and Spanish before her family moved to Columbia in 2012.

"It goes so far beyond being bilingual and bi literate," Schwerdtfeger said.  "I want our kids to have the opportunity to experience this rich, educational opportunity."

The community support behind Schwerdtfeger and her proposal was overwhelming, with more than 15 parents coming to the meeting to show they approve of the proposal.

"I think Columbia is a very diverse community with highly educated people, and I think that's what we would like to pass on to our kids," Jessica Diamond said. She's the founder of The Language Tree Preschool, a bilingual preschool in Columbia.

The school board did not discuss the proposal. The next step is whether to add this proposal to its next monthly meeting agenda.