Parents Appear on NBC

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NEW YORK - A high profile Mid-Missouri crime case is stepping back into the national spotlight. Ryan Ferguson's attorneys are coming back to Cole County next week for the next phase of his appeal.

Ferguson is in prison for the 2001 killing of Columbia Tribune sports editor Kent Heitholt. Ferguson is requesting his conviction be overturned because two key witnesses changed their stories.

Now in a new interview with dateline N-B-C's Keith Morrison, Ferguson says he is still hopeful.

Here's how Dateline is promoting the story, "Friday, a wild night of partying, a flashback of murder. 'He had been talking to some people. I think I had done something very bad.' Was it a memory or a horrible dream? Dateline Friday on NBC."

The interview will air in a two-hour special edition of Dateline Friday night at eight on KOMU. Also on KOMU Friday morning, Ryan Ferguson's parents, Bill and Leslie, sit down on the set of Today--starting at 7.