Parents attend child speech presentation

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JEFFERSON CITY - Capital Region Medical Center held a language workshop Wednesday night for parents with young children who have language difficulty.

The workshop was for parents with kids aged two to four. Speech-language pathologists taught parents about speech and language milestones in child development. They also explained how to help children with their speech and language right at home.

Meghan Buschjost, a speech-language pathologist, created the event. She said many parents don't realize how easy it is to use speech therapy techniques at home.

"A lot of it is play-based therapy. A lot of kiddos initially learn their language skills and everything through play," Buschjost said. "I think a lot of people don’t even realize that that’s a big area, so sitting down and interacting with your child, talking about what they're doing, talking about what you’re doing, expanding on what they’re saying."

Nikki Gaylord, another speech-language pathologist, also helped with the presentation. Gaylord said it's never too early to take advantage of speech-language therapy.

"I would rather see a child at 18 months of age than a child who's three and has developed a lot of bad habits that we then have to kind of turn around and break," Gaylord said. "So if we can get them in here early and start early intervention, that is absolutely wonderful." 

The workshop comes right before the month of May, which is better speech and hearing month.

"It’s a month where we celebrate speech pathologists across the nation," Gaylord said. "But we also try to bring awareness to communication deficits in the population and let them know what speech and language pathologists do to help them overcome those communication deficits."