Parents Concerned Over Lock Down and Shootings

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COLUMBIA - A lock down at Rock Bridge High School on Monday and a fatal teen shooting over the weekend left parents concerned for their children's safety.

Rock Bridge High School went on lock down after a student received a disturbing text message and showed it to school officials. The lock down was precautionary and everyone left safely, however it shook up some students.

One parent said Rock Bridge has had lock downs in the past and none have them have ever bothered her daughter. However, during this one her daughter said everyone seemed to be taking it more seriously.

Aaron Atkins has two daughters in Columbia Public Schools.

"I think any parent would be concerned by this, but Columbia is growing and you are going to see a rise in crime when that happens. You look at statistics, the bigger the population, the more crime," Atkins said.

Several parents with students at Rock Bridge said the only reason they knew about the lock down was because their children texted them. Parents said unlike other lock downs, they never received an alert text from the school this time. They said the only text message they received from Rock Bridge was telling them once the lock down was lifted.