Parents, Officials Discuss Plan for New Jefferson City School

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JEFFERSON CITY - Parents and school officials met Thursday night to discuss plans for a new Jefferson City public school planned for 2015.

The current plan is for a new, replacement high school to go up at Highway 179 and Mission Drive. The school would have seven academic buildings, connected as one with one entrance for safety reasons.

Proponents of the plan said more money can be focused inside the classroom, creating more opportunities for students. However, opponents of the current plan want two schools instead of a "mega-school." Some fear students could get "lost" in the system.

Superintendent Brian Michael said if a funding bond is passed on the April ballot the school would be able to hold students for the next 30 to 40 years due to Jefferson City's low growth rate.

Michael said the Simonsen Ninth Grade Center and Jefferson City High School are currently over capacity. The Simonsen Ninth Grade Center was built in 1914 for 525 students, but currently houses 670. 

The new school would be able to accommodate 3,500 students with room for expansion.

Another forum is scheduled for 7 a.m. Friday at the Miller Performing Arts Center.