Parents react to CPS delayed school start times

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COLUMBIA - Due to weather conditions and slick roads, Columbia Public Schools had its third delayed start in a row Monday morning. 

CPS Community Relations Director Michelle Baumstark said a team of administrators made the decision very early in the morning, trying to make the best decision possible. 

Monday morning CPS had a team drive designated routes across the district and then had a discussion that ultimately resulted in the school day starting two hours late. Baumstark said the decision was in the best interest of all students and staff. 

"We have received both positive comments, as well as criticisms. This is a new process for us. This is only the third time we've done it. We had two other delayed starts last week related to the weather. It is something new, and every time we have something new we know we're going to get a lot of feedback," Baumstark said.

Parents and guardians of Columbia Public Schools children had mixed reactions to the late start.

"There is only so much lateness you can go to when working a job, and some kids may be left on their own due to parents having to go to work," resident Dennis Smith said.

"It is so cumbersome for everyone involved, but I think preserving life is really important, keeping people safe on the roads is a good way to go, even if it's a pain it's a good way to go," Carol Weiss said.

Baumstark said the district is not anticipating a late start Tuesday morning, but the decision will not be made until early in the morning.