Parents Receive Notice of Gun on Mexico School Property

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MEXICO- An investigation is ongoing as authorties found a loaded gun on Mexico Middle School property Monday night.

School district officials said a 13-year-old boy brought a gun on the school property after hours.  The boy was in possession of the gun in a trailer court in Audrain County before bringing it to the school.  Officials said when he got on school property, he hid the gun by the concession stand next to the soccer fields on the middle school property. He then headed inside the buidling for an after school activity.  The Audrain County Sheriff's Office and the Mexico Public Safety Department found the gun around 8:30 p.m.

Carl Nowlin has two kids who go to Mexico Middle School.  He was at his sister's house Monday night, which is right across the street from the school.  Nowlin said he witnessed authorities finding and recovering the gun from across the street around 9 p.m. 

He then went to the school Tuesday morning looking for answers about the situation, but was given no information.

"I felt very unsafe with my kids in this school because of the gun being found and them not notifying me or notifying any parent at that point.  And I signed my kids out and their secretary looked me right in my face and said that is not true, that it wasn't true that they found the gun," Nowlin said.

He then pulled his kids out of school, feeling that the environment was unsafe for his children.

Nowlin was an exception, as other parents didn't hear of the incident until Wednesday afternoon.  The school district said it heard of the event Tuesday morning and sent out a press release later that day.  It didn't make mass phone calls to parents, however, until Wednesday.

"We wanted to make sure, there were still some things floating around.  We wanted to make sure we were accurate, that we were sharing information we knew to be true," said Zach Templeton, Assistant Superintendent.

Many parents continue to be angry and upset about the late notification.  Nowlin said he will not let his kids return to school until the situation is completely resolved, as he feels it is now unsafe for his two kids.  He said as a parent, he wants to know of things right when they happen.

According to a Mexico Public Safety Department press release, the 13 year old was transferred to a detention center by the 12th Circuit Court Juvenile Division.  According to the release, the Mexico Public Safety Department, the Audrain County Sheriff's Office and Mexico Public Schools are continuing to investigate the issue.