Parents say Xanax distributed at Boonville High; upset with school's actions

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BOONVILLE - While multiple parents say a student took Xanax to Boonville High School Tuesday and gave the drugs to other students, the Boonville School District says it can't confirm that.

"Recent reports of wide-spread violations of the District's Board of Education Policy prohibiting drug use are unsubstantiated," the district said in a statement Wednesday.

Several parents told KOMU 8 News that one student, who has not been identified, stole more than 100 Xanax pills from his grandmother.

Those parents said the student then distributed the drugs to others, some of whom reacted negatively.

The parents who talked to KOMU 8 News were concerned the school never notified them about the problem.

One father, who asked to not be identified, said he believes he would not have known of the incident if his daughter hadn't told him. 

"We called the school and the principal was like 'yeah there was only so many involved and we got it caught up so we didn't send out a mass email,'" he said

He also said there are some inconsistencies with the information he's been receiving. 

He said Principal Tim Edwards told him only six children were involved, while his daughter told him that there were more than 30 children involved in total. 

The father said his daughter also reported teachers did not react properly. According to her, no action was taken until 2:30 p.m. which is near the end of the school day. 

"There were some kids at school that took some pills and they couldn't maintain, by the end of the class, the teachers could visibly see that they were out of character," the father said. 

Another parent said her daughter took 4 of the Xanax and that she arrived home throwing up and was drooling from the effects of the drugs. 

KOMU 8 News reached out to both the Boonville Police Department and the Boonville R-I School District.

Boonville Detective Randy Ayers said he could not comment on the incident because it is an ongoing investigation. 

The district sent a statement to KOMU 8 News, saying, "The District is prevented by state and federal law from providing comment or details about allegations concerning specific student matters."