Parents shocked after child finds hidden drug paraphernalia in yard

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FULTON – A Fulton mother said her nine-year-old son found a bag in their yard on Tuesday that she said was for drugs. The bag contained syringes and other drug paraphernalia according to Fulton Police Department. Her son said he didn't know what was in the bag when he opened it.

Thompson said her son was playing in the yard when he found the bag under an overgrown bush. He then brought it to her boyfriend, and she said she was shocked at his findings.

As a mother, it worried her. 

“I was angry, that’s not something I want around my kids. I know it happens, but they don’t need to be finding something like that in our yard,” Thompson said. 

She said she was surprised it was in her neighborhood at all.

“Over here is quiet… I expect it to happen somewhere else,” Thompson said. 

Thompson said she thinks whoever left the bag tried to hide it under the bush due to how it was found. She said her and police agreed it was uncommon for it to be hidden on someone’s private property. 

Fulton Police Department said an officer picked up the bag from Becky Thompson’s home Tuesday night and took it to the station. Lieutenant Bill Ladwig said they will be holding on to the bag and have no future investigation planned right now. 

Lt. Ladwig added due to the bag being handled and posted on Facebook that an investigation is not likely. He said for safety reasons, “If you find items like that, try not to handle them,” referencing the needles and possible drug residue.

Ladwig said he is “very happy they called to turn it in and didn’t throw it away.”

He said if someone finds a suspicious bag, avoid touching the contents and call the police to come investigate.

Police told Thompson to keep an eye out for any suspicious persons who may come back for the bag.