Parents shocked over removal of education commissioner

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COLUMBIA – Social media was in an uproar Friday over the removal of state Education Commissioner Margie Vandever.

She was replaced shortly after Gov. Eric Greitens appointed a new member to the Board of Education.

“We were so shocked by this decision because it just doesn’t seem right for Missouri,” said CoMo for Progress organizer Kate Canterbury.

The group of parents have been vocal opponents of Greitens' efforts to oust Vandever.

Canterbury said it doesn't seem like the right decision for Missouri.

“It’s really not a political issue, it’s not a political party issue. It’s about our community,” she said “A lot of us do happen to be parents and that’s why we care so much about schools.”

Greitens has argued there are too many bureaucrats in the system and he wants a board that is focused more on teachers and students.

Missouri's GOP is supporting the governor's decision.

Executive Director Sam Cooper released a statement saying, "As the son of a public school teacher, I am thrilled to see Governor Greitens making the changes needed to improve Missouri’s public education system, and making a true difference in the lives of all of our children, teachers and families across the state."