Paris Alexander-Henderson found not guilty after three day trial

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JEFFERSON CITY — After a three-day long trial, jurors have declared 26-year-old Paris Alexander-Henderson not guilty of all charges.

Alexander-Henderson will be released from the Cole County jail Friday.

Cole County Public Defender Justin Carver said he is very happy with the outcome of the trial.

"Oh I'm so happy. Paris is happy too. We're just happy for him and his family. We're just glad he has his life back," Carver said

Carver said he believes Alexander-Henderson will never have problems with the law again.

"He is someone who I think will live the rest of his life and will never have any contact with the criminal justice system and just be a productive citizen, be a father and a husband. I mean that's all he wants out of life right now," Carver said.

He said he believes the jury worked hard and was very attentive.

"There were so many witnesses, that basically testified to various similar things, that Paris got in the car to get away from the situation," Carver said.

Alexander-Henderson confessed to shooting 32-year-old Bryant O. Sturkey on April 25, 2015.

The Cole County Prosecutor formally charged Alexander-Henderson with unlawful use of a weapon and murder in the second degree.