Parkade Elementary School hosts technology day

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COLUMBIA - Parkade Elementary School invited guest speakers to teach students about technology Wednesday.

The speakers demonstrated the use of technological devices such as robots, Google Glass, 3-D printing, and green screen photography.

Charles Hoover, a teacher at Smithton Middle School, was among the presenters. He introduced Gladys, a robot.

Hoover said the robot can learn anything from dancing, talking, walking, and even facial recognition.

The students seemed in awe as the robot danced and told stories in front of the class.

Hoover said he hopes that teaching these topics, such as robot programming, will encourage students to continue learning about technology in the future, and to perhaps seek careers in the field.

"I think it's important that they see this kind of technology, because it expands their mind and lets them see what's possible" Hoover said.

Amy Watkins, principal of Parkade Elementary school, said the event was hosted to celebrate the end of the student's first trimester in school.