Parkaden Student Improve Learning Behavior

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COLUMBIA - Parkade Elementary reports discipline begets learning since it started using the Missouri Professional Communities program in 2008. The program is used in about 300 schools throughout the state, and now in a few schools in the Columbia Public School District. The program aims to improve student's academic performance as well as their behavior.

Parkade Elementary Principal Amy Watkins says student visits to the principal's office decreased by half since Parkade started using the program.

Board of Education President Tom Rose says that behavior is directly linked to performance in school. Rose says he thinks this is why the program is successful.

Watkins says the program Parkade Elementary uses is based on placing students in one of three tiers. The first tier uses basic cirriculum and aims to have the most students in it. The second tier has more structure and aims to have fewer students who need more help. Tier three is the most structured and aims to have the fewest students who need the most help.

Watkins says she has seen not only an improvement in studen's academic performance, but an improvement in the behavior of students and teachers as well.