Parking and Traffic Cause Problems

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COLUMBIA - Several hours before the MU Homecoming Game was set to kick off at Faurot Field, Tiger fans were already having problems finding a place to park.

"It was tough. We usually park over at Clark Hall and those spots were already taken six hours before the game. So, we had to move around, try to find a different spot. Finally got up here and there were about 15 spots left. Tried to save a spot for my sister but a lot of dirty looks going by so we had to eventually give that up," Eric Lanham said.

Lanham ended up parking in Turner Avenue Parking Garage, which was full around 1 p.m. Other parking garages on campus were full as well. Virgina Avenue Parking Garage had a "Lot Full" sign up by 12:30 p.m.

Downtown meter parking was full too, but downtown parking garages still had some space Saturday afternoon.

One Tiger fan said he has been to big games before where it was hard to find parking and traffic was backed up, so he planned ahead.

"I was prepared to park where I am, which is headed east, just this side of that hotel. Or I was gonna park there's a mini market store over by the hotel that I parked at a lot. But I parked today to prepare to get out of town after the game," Morris Shank said.

Columbia Transit is running special routes Saturday to get fans to and from downtown, hotels and the stadium. There are stops on the east and west sides of downtown Columbia beginning at 4:30 p.m. Stops at hotels along Clark Lane, Grindstone Parkway and 1-70 began at 3 p.m. All routes will continue until just after the game begins and pick up again after the third quarter. Visit Columbia's website to view exact times and maps.