Parking Machine Feedback

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COLUMBIA - Columbia residents are starting to get aquainted with the new EZ park system in downtown. The two trial parking meter machines are located between Elm and Broadway downtown Columbia, and will be tested for 90 days.

The machines are solar powered and accept payment through credit/debit cards, a mobile app, and traditional coins.

Like any change, there is a definite adjustment period, so Columbia Public Works employees stand nearby to help guide and teach the new process.

The new process is not set in stone. After the 90 day trial period the city will test-run single space machines, giving the pubic the opportunity to vote on their favorite after both trials.

Columbia residents had mixed reactions to the new machines. Some say they love the fact they don't have to save up on quarters anymore.

"I like the fact that you can use your debit card and don't have to worry about change," said Jessey Quinlain.

Other residents aren't very fond of the idea of having to walk down the street to pay, saying it is an inconvience and unfair to handicapped parkers.

"I work with five people that have mobility issues, and it is downright dangerous. It doesn't take any of that into account," said Karen Belding.

The new machines have a two hour parking limit, and will notify you via text when your time is up.