Parks and Rec release new changes to Cosmo park

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Parks and Recreation released its plans for several improvements to Cosmo-Bethel Park Thursday.

One of its main projects is changing the gravel trails along the lake to concrete.

Gabe Huffington, Park Services Manager for Columbia Parks and Recreation, said the change will help out with the park maintenance.

"This will allow us to decrease the amount of maintenance that we have to have on that trail surface due to the wash ups that occur," Huffington said.  "It will also to make pretty valuable ADA improvements and it increase the amount of space that can be use to fish around the lake."

Another improvement to the park will be the installation of lights in the last four tennis courts in the complex. The lights will allow for visitors to use the courts for an extended period of time.

Columbia Parks and Recreation released their plans for several improvements to Cosmo-Bethel Park on Thursday. 

One resident said the improvements to the park will improve the visitor experience.

"I'm really happy that they are always making our parks more accessible to everyone," Ginna Gamboa said.

The department did not discuss any safety issues regarding the recent shootings at the park.