Parks and Recreation kicks off Bike Walk And Wheel Week

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COLUMBIA - Monday marks the beginning of the 15th annual "Bike, Walk and Wheel Week," a series of events dedicated to the bikers of Columbia. 

Funded by a federal grant that encourages healthy modes of transportation, GetAbout Columbia recreation leader Benedict Nagy describes "Bike, Walk and Wheel Week" as a celebration of bicycling."  

"Columbia is known for being a bike friendly town," Nagy said. "The more people we have riding their bike, the better off we're going to be."

The city will host multiple events throughout the week to encourage healthy modes of transportation. Some events taking place this week include a 3.5 mile walk across the newly renovated Grindstone Creek Trail, an electric bike ride with former Columbia mayor Darwin Hindman and a 24 mile bike ride around the city wraps up the week's festivities.

CoMo Connect will even offer free bus rides throughout the week for the event. 

Nagy believes people of all types of experience levels with biking can get involved. 

"This week is a good way for people to come out and just kind of dip their toes in the water and just try it out and come out to a group ride," Nagy said.

Biker James Watson sees the appeal this week can have to the general public. 

"It's going to attract people to start for a couple days," Watson said. "They'll decide they like it and go out and actually get excercise."

Watson says this week is one of many ways Columbia shows appreciation for their bikers.