Parks and Recreation Prepares in Heat for State Games

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COLUMBIA - Parks and recreation workers spent Monday preparing for the Show-Me State Games, despite the high summer heat.

As the outdoor Show-Me State Games approach, Columbia Parks and Recreation workers are still preparing soccer and softball fields for players this week. One worker, Steve Schluckebier, said the heat is challenging, so workers try to get an early start.

"We showed up this morning at 6:30," said Schluckebier. "We'll be working all the way until 3 o'clock today."

Even with the early start, though, Schluckebier suggested there are still measures he and his co-workers take.

"Drink a lot of water, absorb the shade as much as you can," said Schluckebier. "Just be safe and be smart."

The soccer and softball games don't start until the end of this week, but the high heat is expected to last until the weekend.