Parson addresses small businesses and local elections in light of COVID-19

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JEFFERSON CITY - Governor Mike Parson signed an executive order 20-04 which gives departments authority to waive or suspend any state statutes or regulations in response to public health and safety.

In a press release sent to KOMU from the Governor's office, it clarified that only, "certain regulations and statutes that interfere with Missouri's response to the spread of COVID-19."

Gov. Parson said this order should help with multiple things including childcare. He also emphasized that the COVID-19 is state wide and things can change daily. He said more personal protective equipment will be distributed across the state starting on Thursday.

"We've had a total now of 24 positive across the state of Missouri," Gov. Parson said in relation to the number of COVID-19 cases.

One individual has been admitted into Golden Valley Memorial Hospital in Clinton, MO.

Gov. Parson also said the government will enact the disaster launch for small businesses in the near future.

He also said local elections will be moved to June. 

"Executive order 02-03, today, is when I moved the elections from the local levels, moving them from April to June. The idea of that was is one, simply for the safety of the public out there, and two, just to delay that election," Gov. Parson said.

He said it is important for people to know that the election is not canceled, just delayed.

Rob Dixon, Director of the Missouri Department of Economic Development, said they are working with the state to help small businesses and give out loans. He also thanked people in the state, emergency management, health agencies and pivot sector for working with the government.

"We are aware thousands of Missourians are going to lose their jobs, it's our job to help with that," said Gov. Parson. "That's why it's important to help keep as many small businesses open as possible."

He said more will be discussed in Wednesday night's cabinet meeting.