Parson explains 2021 budget

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JEFFERSON CITY — The 2021 fiscal year will see nearly $450 million in restrictions, Gov. Parson announced during Tuesday's press conference. 

The budget includes more than $125 million in cuts from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and nearly $28 million from four-year institutions. 

The education cuts are some of many adjustments being made to the budget due to the economic impact of COIVD-19. Parson said he was “cautiously optimistic” for the future of Missouri. 

Additionally, 500 jobs will be cut at the state level, Parson said. 

State employees will also not be seeing any expected pay raises in 2021 to the budget cuts.

In all, $448 million will be restricted from the 2021 budget. Other restrictions include more than $9 million in cuts to TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) Fund, $1 million in cuts from the Department of Social Services youth treatment programs and $7 million in cuts to the Missouri Department of Mental Health's developmental disability community programs. 

Parson will continue to travel across the state this week for bill signings. He said he will not be wearing a mask during those visits.