Parson hosts roundtable on Fast Track workforce program

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COLUMBIA - Gov. Mike Parson met with community leaders Thursday to talk about the Fast Track Workforce Development Program introduced in his State of the State address last month.

"This afternoon's roundtable was a great opportunity to hear from various stakeholders who see everyday how this program will benefit Missourians," Parson said.  

The Fast Track program is a $22.2 million incentive meant to cover tuition for more than 16,000 adult students with a household income of less than $80,000. 

Minor changes were made to the eligibility requirements early February.

Parson said he doesn't expect pushback on any more elements, but he is open to lawmakers "doing their jobs and figuring out what this final product's going to be like." 

Parson said one pending issue is how jobs will be defined as "high demand," which is one tenant of the initiative.

Parson said "the first time that the business community, education community and government are really focused on what are the jobs of tomorrow, what are the demands 10 years down the road."