Parts of Brunswick advised to evacuate

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BRUNSWICK - Some residents of Brunswick are encouraged to evacuate their homes due to heavy flooding in the area, according to the Chariton County Emergency Management Agency.

The agency said in a Facebook post that a "small number of citizens" are under a voluntary evacuation order. Officials are only advising those living south of Highway 24 from the western city limits to Polk Street to evacuate as of Sunday afternoon.

Information provided by the levee districts and corps of engineers has not warranted a mandatory evacuation of the area, the agency said.

Brunswick has been facing a rise in flood waters for the past few days. Residents who have lived there since the 1950s say the city is seeing some of the worst flooding since 1993.

Brunswick resident Jeanette Lewis said the flooding has progressed quickly.

"This water has gotten thigh level on me, if not a little higher," Lewis said. "It is devastating. People have had to completely uproot their lives and move from where they have lived for years now."

Lewis and her mom have lived in their home for one month. She said her basement is flooded and will get worse with more rain coming in.

Tommy Childress said he knew the rain and flooding was coming, but did not expect the flooding to be as high as it is.

"We got more water than we ever needed," Childress said. "We have lost most of our stuff in the basement. There is stuff down there that can never be replaced again."

Childress said he is unable to go to work with the flood waters as high as they are. He and Lewis said there needs to be help for residents involved in the flooding.