Passengers React to Columbia Airport Changes

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COLUMBIA - In light of the recent Columbia Regional Airport schedule changes, we asked some passengers how they felt about less flights to Memphis and more to Atlanta.

"I probably would prefer Memphis," passenger Julian Gomez said. "It seems like it was shorter. I flew there and had about an hour and a half layover and then I flew straight here and the connecting flight was pretty short."

Reagan Russell said she does not have much of a stake in the changes, but she might prefer the new layover.

"Layovers are never exciting but Atlanta is probably more entertaining than Memphis was," Russell said.

Garrett Connolly said the new changes would have came in handy for him today.

"I had to fly from Madrid to Atlanta to Memphis, then to Memphis here and if they added, you know, just the connection from Atlanta to Columbia, like another one -a night one- that would have made it a whole lot more convenient for me," Connolly said.

The changes are set to take place early September.