Patrol Patterns Concern Clark Residents

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CLARK-  Residents in Clark said Friday there usually isn't much to complain about life in a small town. Recently Highway 63 has caused some residents to speak out.

"There's an issue of safety related to Highway 63," Crystal Fiedli said.

Highway 63 was annexed into Clark city limits in 2009, but recent increased patrol of the area has caused concern about the safety of the residents.

There's only one officer in Clark.

"You can guarantee most of the time he will be sitting on the median patrolling Highway 63 and not paying attention to the rest of the city," Fiedli said.

"It's like clock work. You can sit and watch the officer. Every thirty minutes he's pulling out the hand out a speeding ticket," Chris Lowhorn said.

"Highway 63 was annexed in Clark to increase revenue," said Randolph County Sheriff Mark Nichols.

 "We have only had about six complaints since the highway was annexed."

Fiedli said this is because most people complain to the local police department.

"They don't know to contact Randolph County."