Peak Alert Issued For Co-Mo Electric Members

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TIPTON - Saving energy can not only save you a few bucks, but also benefit the community.

Co-Mo Electric Cooperative, Inc. issued a peak alert asking members to reserve energy from 5 to 9 pm on Tuesday, August 2. 

"The misconception is that they [peak alerts] are about a shortage of power, and it's really not about a shortage in power. We've got plenty of resources to supply the power," said communications manager John Agliata.

Agliata said saving energy during the peak alert will help all members save money.

"The cooperative gets bill for its power based partly on the maximum demand during a given month," said Agliata. "And since the cooperative is not for profit. The cost that we have filtered down to the members."

Agliata recommended members raise their thermostat a few degrees, and delay the use of clothes washers and dishwashers until after the alert. 

Weather is a main factor for electric consumption, and the cooperative has seen a slight increase of demand this summer. The weekends are also peak periods when more people go to the lake area.

"This would be the first one at this year that's in the middle of a week," said John. 

Some residents think giving utilities a rest is a good idea.

"We try to leave our thermostat set 74 or 75 degrees so that the air conditioning run as low as possible. For when we're going to be gone for an entire day, we might even set it up to 77." said Don Shutte, a resident in Morgan County.