Pedestrian walkway to be built over Hinkson Creek on Forum Blvd.

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COLUMBIA - Crews began Tuesday preparing for construction on a pedestrian walkway over Hinkson Creek along Forum Boulevard.

The project is designed to provide a safe path and allow more access to the MKT Trail and stores.

Columbia resident Spencer Plummer said he thinks the walkway will be put to good use.

"During the summertime when it's warm, I like to go over to the trail," Plummer said. "Usually, I drive over there rather than walk down the busy road, so once the crosswalk does come in, it's something I'll definitely use for sure." 

He said the current bridge is dangerous to cross.

"I know the speed limit down through there is supposed to be 35, but coming down that big hill, there's quite a few people coming down that hill faster than that, so the way it is now, I wouldn't," Plummer said.

As construction continues, lanes may close causing traffic problems. The city recommends using an alternate route if possible.

Lehman Construction LLC of California, Missouri, is working on the project and is slated to finish Winter 2017.

Columbia Public Works Representative Tyler Wallace said the project costs $1.2 million and is being paid for by a grant.