PedNet Coalition holds bikes and brews event

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COLUMBIA – PedNet Coalition held a bikes and brews event on May 19. The participants of the event rode their bikes to seven different locations where they would exchange a ticket for a sample of beer.

Annette Triplett is the executive director of PedNet Coalition, and she said this May marked the 15th national bike month. She said PedNet wanted to give people something exciting to do to celebrate bike month as well as get some good exercise.

“We are a non-profit organization, and the funding from this event goes towards our organization, but we do it to encourage people to get out on bikes,” Triplett said.

PedNet got the idea of bikes and brews from similar events around the country and wanted to bring it to Columbia.

Sarah Riddick participated in the event and said she thought it was a great idea for Columbia.

“It’s a fabulous way to stay active, drink beer, and enjoy the trails that everybody’s worked so hard to maintain in this town,” Riddick said. 

There are not any specific bicycling under the influence laws in Missouri that directly apply, but Triplett said they would be very careful of the amount of beer the bicyclists would drink.

“We’re pretty careful about the alcohol consumption during the event, and so at each stop each participant will receive a small microbrew sample, so it’s a 3 ounce microbrews sample which is fairly small. So over the course of about two and a half hours, they’ll only be given about a beer and a half. So it's not a huge amount of alcohol, but we also ask everybody to just be sure everybody is being really careful and responsible out there,” Triplett said.