PedNet Presents Seven Bus Shelter Finalists to Citizens

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COLUMBIA- PedNet showed residents seven bus shelter design finalists Tuesday night at the Columbia Environment and Energy Commission Meeting.

The meeting was one of two public input sessions in which PedNet is displaying the possible designs. The goal of the sessions is to inform the public about what the new Columbia Transit bus shelters could look like.

The seven designs are the finalists in a contest that partners PedNet and COMET with Mizzou Architectural Studies in the City.  Students in the Mizzou Architecture School's sustainable technology class created all of the designs. 

The designs are part of Columbia Transit's new plan to install eco-friendly shelters on the new Como Connect bus routes. 

By the end of the process, there will be around 40 shelters along the new bus routes. One of  Como Connect's goals is to have shelters at all the route transfer points. COMET Campaign Coordinator Lisa Goldschmidt said there are currently 25 bus shelters on transit bus routes. The old shelters will still be used even after the new shelters are approved. The new shelters will be placed at points that Columbia Transit calls "high traffic points."

Goldschmidt said through the entire process, PedNet and COMET wanted to use this opportunity to make the community more aware of public transit opportunities.

"With this particular project, we really wanted to make this a community project. We wanted to involve students to help them get more excited about transit and riding the bus," she said. "We also wanted to accomplish some goals to make it something that people like to look at, that they enjoy waiting for a bus and riding."

The second opportunity for public input will be Wednesday night June 25 at the Family Impact Center in Columbia.  People can view all the designs and vote for their favorite on the project's website. Voting will last until June 30, and Goldschmidt said she expects to announce a winner in early July.