Peggy Jean's Pies Makes its Return with Grand Opening

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COLUMBIA - Peggy Jean's Pies opened its new store's doors to customers Saturday evening.

"When I came in and saw the space yesterday, finished, I started to cry," co-owner Rebecca Miller said.

One of the original store owners Jeanne Plumley and her daughter Rebecca Miller are bringing Peggy Jean's Pies back to business on 3601 Buttonwood Drive with the help of donations from people all over the country.  In October, Miller launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $10,000.  Kickstarter allows entrepreneurs and artists to post a campaign profile to raise funds to start their business. 

"It humbles you as a person to know that you're asking for help and in this economy when dollars are short, people contribute to you," Plumley said.  "It just gives me chill bumps to think about the kindness of strangers."

The original store was located on Chapel Hill Road and closed its doors in 2004.  Shortly after closing the store, the original co-founder Peggy Day died. The store's new owners said Day would be proud to see the resurrection of their beloved pie shop.