Pence and Greitens criticize Clinton and Koster in Chesterfield rally

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CHESTERFIELD – Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence endorsed gubertorial candidate Eric Greitens Tuesday during a campaign stop in the St. Louis suburb of Chesterfield.

Both politicians had a similar message – the election of their Democratic counterparts would mean a continuation of policies already in place.

“Our main message today is that Chris Koster and Hillary Clinton are one and the same,” Greitens said.  "They’re both big-spending liberal politicians who don’t have our interests at heart.”

Kristin Sosanie is the communications director for the Missouri Democratic party. She said Greitens makes national comparisons because he lacks local expertise.

“The thing that Eric Greitens likes to do is talk national because he doesn’t have experience in local,” Sosanie said.  “The governor’s office is no place to have training wheels. [Greitens] has no experience in getting things done.”

The NRA endorsed Koster earlier on Tuesday. Greitens said despite not receiving the nod, voters should be assured of his gun rights record because of his military service.

“I’m not going to win the career insider, the career politician contest,” Greitens said. “I’m a Navy Seal, I’ve done four tours in the global war on terrorism, founder and CEO of The Mission Continues, small business owner. There’s not going to be a stronger proponent of the Second Amendment than I am.”

Pence said his running mate, businessman Donald Trump, would “repeal every executive order” set in place by President Barack Obama during the first day in office if elected.  

Other major points the potential vice president made include dismantling Obamacare, building a wall along the border with Mexico, and “upending the status quo to restore the Constitution.”

Pence said it’s important Trump is elected because of the vacant seat on the Supreme Court. He also criticized Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on multiple issues. The topics ranged from missing emails to a “disastrous foreign affair policy.”

"I'm tired, with Clinton Corruption fatigue," the Indiana governor said. "The only cure is Donald Trump.”

According to recent Monmouth University polls, Clinton and Trump are tied in Missouri. Koster has an 11 point lead over Greitens.