Penny Drive

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FULTON - Students at McIntire Elementary are hoping a little goes a long way.  On Tuesday, Casey Craghead's third grade class collected pennies for the United Way of Callaway County.

So far, the kids have raised $721.01. Craghead's class collects the money after recess each day and the money goes straight to the bank.

Participating students said they scoured for pennies in their couch at home and in the cupholder of their parents' car.

Debbie LaRue, the Honorary Campaign Chair of the Callaway County United Way, said the penny drive is used to teach kids at a young age to donate and help in the community.

"If everyone can help a little," LaRue said, "we can all help a lot."

Callaway County helped 20,000 people in 2010. LaRue said the bad economy has not stopped people from helping out but instead of monitary donations, she has seen an increase in people and businesses giving their time.

LaRue said that all donations, no matter how little are appreciated. "It all helps," she said.

The school collects money untill September 29. The third grade class hopes to collect the same if not more than last year. McIntire raised more than $10,000 in 2010.