People in Columbia react to recent Trump quotes, Islamophobia

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COLUMBIA - After Presidential Candidate Donald Trump announced he thinks most Muslims should not be let into the country, people everywhere reacted. 

Gov. Jay Nixon said, “I think there’s a very real likelihood that talk of that type can make the situation worse, not better. I mean, if folks around the world think that, then I think it’s much more likely for them to become radicalized.”

Jake Loft, a republican who unsuccessfully ran for Columbia’s city council, said he agrees with the democratic governor’s sentiment.

“I think what Donald Trump is doing is an interesting campaign tactic that's preying on the lowest common denominator for sure,” Loft said. 

Rasha Abousalem and her husband Rick Baker practice Islam in Columbia. They said Trump's comments were insulting to them.

"Honestly, I can't believe people take him as a serious candidate. Like, what qualifications does he actually have besides representing the racists and the bigots of our country? He's just riding the wave of fear mongering and Islamophobia," Abousalem said. "He's relying on the epidemic of hatred that's growing in our country."

The Oxford Dictionary describes “Islamophobia” as "dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force."

Even though Baker converted to Islam within the past few years, he said Trump not only insults Muslims, but all people.

"Not just as a Muslim, it would offend me as the Christian faith I grew up in. It offends me as an educated man that knows that there's more to it than what a political candidate might put out," Baker said.

Baker grew up a Christian and converted to Islam within the past few years.

"In my time in the Islamic faith, I've felt embraced. I've felt included," Baker said. "The Muslim community here is great in accepting me as a middle-aged white man."