People rally at the Capitol with hopes to criminalize abortion

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JEFFERSON CITY - Issues like abortion are not always a 'black and white' matter. The unofficial group, 'Abolish Human Abortion,' gathered at the state Capitol Tuesday to rally together for the abolishment of abortion.

People took part in prayer and listened to various Bible passages and then handed out anti-abortion pamphlets to legislators.

Legislative assistant Rush Loftis said unlike 'pro-life' groups, Abolish Human Abortion hopes to one day make abortion illegal.

"It’s time that people believe that abortion is wrong. Quit depending on these pro-life groups who say they want to ‘end abortion.’ These pro-life groups aren’t trying to end abortion; these pro-life groups are just trying to regulate it," Loftis said.

Loftis mentioned a specific anti-abortion group as a driving force against the abolishment of abortion.

“Missouri Right To Life sat in our office, Representative Moon’s office, and told us they don’t support the legislation to end abortion. And we asked them how they wanted to end abortion, and they said it can’t be done and they’re not trying to. They just want to regulate it," Loftis said.

However, not everyone at the rally was against abortion. Sebastian Krull and their friend, who are students from William Woods University, saw a flyer for the rally and thought they would hear what the other side had to say.

“I mean abortion has been illegal before, and it was back alley and coat hangers, and they think that’s not how it’s going to be again but it is. I mean if they make abortion illegal, they’re just going to take away safe abortion and force people back to the way things were before," Krull said.

Krull hasn't taken part in any rallies or protests yet, but she says she wants to in the future.

"The thing is that we’re not out here saying, 'Go get an abortion.' It’s just that we think women should have the right to make the choice whether they want to keep the baby or put it up for adoption or get an abortion. And the government should not be making the choice for us,” Krull said.

As for the future, Loftis said they hope to have the public decide on the future of abortion. Loftis said they are putting together a petition and submitting it to the Missouri Secretary or State's office next month with the hopes to be on the November 2018 ballot.

KOMU 8 News reached out Missouri Right To Life, and they declined to comment before deadline.