People rally in Columbia to express climate concern

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COLUMBIA – People gathered in front of City Hall Wednesday to honor original Native Americans and to share worries on water pollution and climate change.

The coordinator of the event, Carolyn Mathews, from Native Americans Support Group and People’s Visioning, said people can learn a lot from the tribal members when it comes to taking care of the environment.

“We have let over-civilization go too far in polluting the world and contamination of our rivers, our lands and in our sky. And we are using the resources as if they are endless resources, regardless of the consequences,” she said.

According the Mathews and other participants at the rally, it’s necessary to honor natural resources like the Native Americans did and focuses on alternative energy such as wind power.

The microphone was open and many speakers shared their thoughts and opinions in a peaceful atmosphere. Taking care of drinking water was one of the main issues for Monta Welch, who is director of People’s Visioning.

“We can’t survive on polluted water. Crops can’t grow on polluted water and if they’re able to grow they will have pollution themselves. Then we eat the crops and drink the polluted water,” Welch said.

Mathews strongly believes rallies like the one Wednesday can lead to real improvements for the environment.  

“Whatever ways that we express our concerns are important, especially when it relates to the whole world and making a beautiful clean world for our grandchildren to grow up in,” Mathews said. “We got all the solar and wind power we could want, which would be much wiser to expand on.”