People react to the top 10 places to Instagram in Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Columbia residents and visitors alike gave their opinion Friday after a blog post by Columbia's Convention and Visitors Bureau listed the 10 places to Instagram in Columbia.

Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau Public Information Specialist Rachel Grant wrote the blog.

"I'm always looking for new ways to showcase our town on the blog," she said. "So I like to do that with photos because visitors love to see photos of Columbia so they know what to expect."

Grant said she came up with the list based on the photos people post in Columbia.

"I use an online tool to check out people's photos that they upload in Columbia," she said. "And that makes it easy to see a pattern, see the photos that are uploaded again and again and again."

The blog lists the top 10 places as:

  • The Columns
  • City Hall
  • Trails
  • Festivals
  • Stephens Lake Park
  • Memorial Union
  • Columbia from above
  • Rock Bridge Memorial State Park
  • Shakepeare's Pizza
  • Downtown art

Grant said the places on the list define Columbia.

"Some of those places are what people think of when they think of Columbia," Grant said. "Like people know the columns are Columbia. They know that that's Mizzou, especially Memorial Union as well."

Mizzou alumna McKenzie Sauerwein was at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park Friday and agreed it should be on the list.

"I think the top few places to Instagram in Columbia would probably be Devil's Icebox," she said. "I'm taking my friends who haven't been to Columbia before and we're gonna go down in the cave."

University of Missouri student Monica Piccinni said she agrees with a majority of the list.

"I would agree with that list except I don't think I've ever seen City Hall," she said. "I would agree with 9 out of the 10 of those."

Lauren Lee is from out of town, but when asked to list what she thought the top 10 places might be, she got almost all of them right.

"I really like the aerial views too," she said. "I think that's really cool to get different perspectives of the town too besides just the street view."

Hearing the list gave her a few ideas for the rest of her visit.

"Some of the things that are on that list, I'll definitely have to check out now," Lee said.