Performance Results

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JEFFERSON CITY - The public can now look at each school district's Annual Performance Report. APR results show how a school district's results have changed over the past five years, and it also determines whether schools are accredited by the state.

"That data allows us to make good decisions that benefit children," Southwest Early Childhood Administrator Sarah Wilding said.

School districts are graded in areas like ACT test scores, advanced courses, attendance, and graduation rate. There are 14 areas looked at total for districts that have grades K-12. The Jefferson City Public School District met 13 of its standards.

"We evaluate our curriculum," Wilding said. "We also look at how we are meeting those expectations that have been set for us as far as learning and teaching and goals that children are to achieve."

The only standard JCPS did not meet was the attendance standard. Additionally, the school district's not meeting the Adequate Yearly Progress standard. The AYP standard correlates with the No Child Left Behind Act. Part of the No Child Left Behind Act is aimed at getting all students to score at the 'proficient level' for state tests by 2014.