PET Project

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COLUMBIA - Four Columbia Methodist churches teamed with the PET Project Friday to send $35,000 worth of supplies to the Rainbow Network in Nicaragua.

Church and PET Volunteers have collected everything from wheelchairs to soccer balls since September. The groups packed all the items up in a 40' container Friday afternoon to ship them off. Central United Methodist Church's Rick Ellsworth thinks the groups collected between $35,000 and $38,000 worth of supplies. Church members donated the majority of the items.

PET Project Director Mel West said the crate should arrive in Nicaragua by February 27th. He hopes to do a project like this two to three times a year. Another goal of the PET Project is to create 2,012 PET devices in 2012.

The PET device is a hand-powered, wheeled cart that help those with leg or lower body problems become mobile.