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JEFFERSON CITY - Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder has had a tough start to his week. Someone stole Kinder's car Monday in Cape Girardeau, rammed it into a gun store and set it on fire. Kinder couldn't leave until he found alternative transportation. Now he has to buy a new car and write a check to the state for a good chunk of money.

The Associated Press reported Kinder also announced Tuesday he plans to pay the state more than $50,000 to cover questionable reimbursements during his term in office.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports Kinder said last month that he intended to pay the state $35,050. That is an amount equal to hotel stays in the Saint Louis area. However, the Lieutenant Governor's campaign attorney, Jared Craighead, said the new, higher amount is roughly equal to Kinder's total in-state lodging payback for the past six years.

Craighead said the $50,000 check is intended to cover any potential questionable expense reimbursement, whether it is for lodging, travel or meals.