Petition aims to cancel show featuring white tigers

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COLUMBIA - A Columbia man started a petition against a magic show featuring rare, white tigers at the University of Missouri's Jesse Hall. Alfredo Martin, the man behind the petition, is concerned the tigers are forced to travel on a bus, perform unnatural acts and interact with humans. He says this is not what they are made to do.

He also raised concern about how the magician, Jay Owenhouse, treats his tigers. 

"The Humane Society even said his treatment of the tigers is 'substandard.' This just isn't what tigers are meant to do," he said.

His petition is directed at the Director of the University Concert Series at MU. 

According to MU spokesman Christian Basi, Jesse Hall does not discriminate based on subject matter, content or practice, against any act wanting to rent the auditorium.

"Regardless, the magician and Jesse Hall are profiting from the show and the unnatural treatment of those majestic creatures. It's so wrong and it is abuse," said Martin.

Basi said if petitioners wanted to stop the event, they would need to contact the magician himself. The university will not cancel events based on what takes place in an act.