Pets attempt to 'say cheese' for St. Patrick's Day

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COLUMBIA -  Mid-Missourian pets got a chance to get in the St. Patrick's Day holiday spirit Sunday afternoon.

Lizzi & Rocco's held a St. Patrick's Day photo shoot to benefit Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue. The organization is a non-profit rescue for chained and penned outdoor dogs.

Jill Swain, assistant director of Unchained Melodies, said the event is not just for dogs. 

"People will dress up with the theme and have a whole family photo taken, sometimes people bring all five of their dogs," Swain said. "I've taken my tortoise to a photo event, people being their cats as well."

Swain said the event was fun for all pet owners.

"We have bandannas and all different props to dress the pets up or for the backdrop and everything," Jill Swain said. "You can get as crazy with their props as you want or just come with the regular collar on get their photo taken with the cute backdrop."

The cost of the event was $10 and proceeds went to the organization. After rescuing dogs, Unchained Melodies fosters and rehabilitates them in preparation for adoption.

Katie Tesson is a foster parent of two 1-year-old puppies. Dodger and Oliver are beagle and dachshund mixes.

"They're basically one dog so it's easy. They're not too high maintenance for being so young," Tesson said. "I think they'll enjoy getting their picture taken. They like being the star."

Micah Boyd plans to begin the adoption process for a border collie puppy.  

"I saw him online and was interested," Boyd said. "He's full of life and hyper."

Boyd says his new puppy will fit right in with his family. 

"He's going to be my little buddy we're going to pile around everywhere," Boyd said. "Then I have my daughter so...take trips and just do whatever."

The St. Patrick's Day event ran from 1:30 to 4 p.m.