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COLUMBIA - The Central Missouri Humane Society held an adoption event Saturday at PetSmart from 11-2pm. CMHS began working with PetSmart in July 2010 in an effort to increase pet adoptions.

"We're doing adoption events where we take some of the dogs that we have from our facility. And we get to show them to the public that don't necessarily get to our facility. And we kind of let them know where our facility is at," said Adoption Counselor Eric Mathis.

The Central Missouri Humane Society also brings adoptable pets  to other local Columbia Businesses.

These stores include Award Pets Supply, Lizzie and Rocco's, and Treats Unleashed. 

CMHS says that adoption events in the past were very successful and many of their animals found homes.

The Humane Society also had several tips for people who already own pets to help protect them during the winter months.

It suggested that owners: keep pets indoors when the temperature drops, give pets a lot of food and water, beware of salt used to melt ice as it can irritate an animals paws, avoid antifreeze, and owners should keep pets with them.